Poster installation about isolation
Isolation hits hard, I know. Like a boat in the ocean being hit by giant waves. However, during this strenuous time, we must not forget, we are all in the same boat. Whether it is being stuck at home, with parents or alone, stuck with an annoying partner or the children, being with thoughts or just having no idea what to do with all the time right now. Whether you are having financial problems at the moment or have to deal with anxiety. There are thousands of people going through the same thing right now.

Together we can beat isolation. Together we can be united by spirit. Together we are strong.

And since everyone has a message to give on, this poster installation creates your piece of art, based on the music genre you listen right now, the books that caught your attention as well as the one object you used most during isolation. Most importantly, it also contains the message you have for fellow people in isolation, that go through a hard time. So either you give it a try, or you can have a look at already existing messages below.
surviving isolation with some of that indie sound, science fiction books, a laptop and solidarity
We are all in the same boat
surviving isolation with some of that indie sound, an exciting nonfiction, a toiletpaper and solidarity